Tuesday, August 4, 2009


You remember on old blogs, like LiveJournal (had one!) and Xanga (had one of those too!) you could put your mood and what you were listening to? Well, I would like everyone to know that my mood is "sleepy" and I'm listening to "Hero" by Skillet. Really I just wanted everyone to go and listen to Hero. I love Skillet. Of course, they are a little harder rock, so I can't say for sure that everyone would like them. They are the type of music that I blast when I'm in a bad mood, and it's like it sucks the poison of bad moodiness right out of me. Love it. Oh darn, the song is over...repeat!

So I have a confession to make. My last entry was a joke. I know, shocking right? In fact, I think I will do even less structure. Boo to structure! I don't even do my progress notes in the structure they're in. I skip around and up and down. Don't tell my boss! (Hi, Amanda!) I was reading through old surveys that I've done on Facebook today and thinking...wow, I'm clever. Or was it crazy? Who knows? *shrug*

I have an update on the birds. I was at my sister's most of the weekend, and I saw them practicing their formations on the prairie. You know how they all just "happen" to know when to swoop and where the lead bird is going? Yeah, right. Like I said, smarter than we think! I swear one was listening in on my conversation today. Doubt if you will...we'll see who is laughing...

(I'm listening to another song off the new Skillet album on YouTube...Monster...it's good)

So on a more serious note...oh who am I kidding? I can't be serious after talking about the birds! I mean, how much seriousness can you take in one blog? So instead...I was driving today (I drive a lot), and I was wondering what we would all look like if cars were invisible. Like, all you saw were people floating along the road. Just take a moment and picture it. I may or may not have been thinking this because I was driving in a really strange position. But you can't prove anything.

Okay so I just took a lil break from this. Here's what happened. My song finished, so I thought I would listen to something else. What better than something by Drew Seeley since he'll be here in a little over week? (Don't worry, I am not weirdo obsessed, I don't even think I'll marry him anymore;)) So anyway, that was still a bad idea, because I got sucked in to watching music videos, and there was one for "New Classic" which I like. I had to giggle though, because there was just one random butt shot. Really quick though. Like, wait, what, did I just see that? Good times. I have moved on and I'm listening to less focus-worthy music now. Haha.

I went and ordered my two bridesmaid's dresses this past weekend. It took 45 minutes, and five of them were spent actually trying on the dresses. The funny part is that I brought my sister and she convinced me that for the wedding where I get to pick whichever dress I want, I should get the exact same style as I'm getting for the other one. So I will have two of the same dress, just different colors. Stellar. Too bad they didn't pick the same colors! We went shopping afterwards, and I think shopping is funny. You may have realized by now that it really doesn't take much to amuse me. What I noticed was that the bigger the clothes get, the sparklier they get. Like, from shimmery fabrics to little beads, to sequins, to hideous giant rhinestones. Apparently big people like shiny things. Or they think that the sparkles will distract them. Here's a tip, clothes designers...that only works on me! And even I didn't fall for it. Sheesh.

I watched just a little bit of that "More to Love" show tonight, and I gotta say, I'm not as big a fan of it anymore. I get the first week showing people sad and stuff about not finding love and feeling like it's because they're fat. But basically the show is portraying all fat people as being sad all the time. Many of the interviews showed the girls crying, and a lot of them spent their one on one time with the guy crying too. Hey, I understand where they're coming from! Believe me! But seriously, if I were a guy and every girl I went on a date with started crying, I'd start to get a little annoyed. Besides, eh...well...never mind. It's reality tv, ie, muchly staged. Yes, muchly is a word tonight.

In the work world, we got new wireless cards for our computer and had to come up with a check out system. Phyllis* made up a sheet and we are naming the cards. That's right, not numbering them, naming them. I'm not sure where the idea came from....*innocent face* I got to name them :) I think I need a label maker. This is the perfect opportunity to use one, and I don't have one. Never mind that they had to take my label maker away at my last job...just because I labeled everything in sight and wanted to start labeling children...I don't have a problem! I could have quit without their help if I wanted to!

Awww, Billy Mays is on TV yelling about the Tool Band-it, an magnetized arm band that can hold a 25 POUND WEIGHT!!! You stick things to it so that you don't stumble around and lose your tools and bump your head looking for them or stick your tongue with spare nails. Home repair can be dangerous without magnets. RIP Billy!

* Hi Andrea!

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  1. I must say that you were extra random this evening. . .and while it was quite funny. . .my less random brain had a hard time keeping up. . .however now that I have read it through a couple of times I think I caught everything and had a good laugh too!