Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Totally Random

I'm watching The Princess Diaries 2 right now. I like this movie. Why am I sharing this? Because sometimes I don't make sense. (Sometimes? Haha, Phyllis, yes I can read your mind) So I get home a little before 6, sit down and eat, then check out what's on the tube. Love digital cable, because not only can I see what's on, but I can see what is going to be on. So I see that the movie is going to start at 7. I think, wow, that sounds like a fabulous time watching that movie. Then what goes through my mind? Dang, it's still an hour away and there's nothing on TV. What am I supposed to do? Yeah. A normal person would have said, gosh, I have this DVD, why don't I just watch it now, no commercials? Good thing I'm not normal. Even less normal, I keep pausing in my writing to watch the commercials. What is wrong with me?? (Don't answer that)

I'm a great big snot ball today. I hate colds. They last forever! And cold medicine never works, not even the good stuff. And you can't really take off work, so you're just a gross bundle of mucus in the office. Mmmm, tasty. My nose runneth over. What can I say?

I think they need to make better paint for roads. I swear I was driving down the middle of the road while it was raining today. I didn't notice until I hear all the honking and saw the rather creative hand gestures. People are quite imaginative. Awesome. I guess with better paint I wouldn't have true insight into the human condition of road rage. Because I never have road rage. Ever. I'm always. Completely. Calm.

Okay you wanna know what bothers me about drivers? Des Moines drivers have no sense of the speed limit. They drive super fast. Or super slow. And usually I get caught behind a super slow with a super fast creeping up on me from behind like a pair of tight underwear! It's like a traffic wedgie! Also, no turn signals. Hey look at me, I'm going to slow down for no apparent reason and then...surprise! I'm turning! Not my favorite surprise. Oh and people who need to be in one lane but pass all the cars and then turn their blinker on and expect someone to let them in. Because they're all so much more important. Hmph. Okay I better quit before I get all hot and bothered.

Man, I love this movie. I wish I found out I was a princess who was going to become queen but then some hot guy tried to steal my crown and I had to have an arranged marriage with another cute guy so I could be queen while I was falling in love with the other guy who is supposed to be my enemy. Isn't that every girl's dream? It's not? Weird...

So if I can't be a princess, I've decided to be a singer. I've got the voice, but my look isn't quite right, and I've never been a great dancer. So I'll wear a mask and be all mysterious and stuff.* And I've been studying moves on those music video thingers and I think if I perfect just a couple strategic moves I'll be good. So first I need to be standing in the rain. Things always look better in the rain, plus it will obscure me somewhat. Plus, it's helpful for the next part, which involves tossing my head just so and making sure that some of my hair sticks to my face. There's something about proving I can sing with hair in my eyes, seems to be a common thread. Finally, I will hold my head with both hands as if I'm in extreme pain. Throw in a back and forth head toss or two, and my look and dance are complete. I'm totally the complete package. Feel free to send agents my way.

I'm such a sap. I'm totally tearing up at this movie when she's getting crowned queen. Oops, did I ruin the ending? I mean...uhhh...I'm tearing up when the mean guy gets the throne and then the palace blows up. It's very sad.

Last week I won a pineapple for a coloring contest. It was pretty cool. I felt special. (Phyllis! Stop! No smart remarks!)

Today at work Phyllis told me she was grumpy, and I said I was sleepy. So we decided our team should be the seven dwarves! What's funny is how most of the names we picked are pretty fitting for us. When Kari leaves and there are seven on the team plus supervisor, we decided our supervisor will become Snow White and we will be her seven dwarves. Okay, so we're strange. But it was amusing. More people will understand this one than the time when Phyllis and I decided our cube was the Borg Cube from Star Trek and gave everyone "designations" (i.e. 3 of 6) and decided our supervisor was our "Borg Queen." I can't believe I just admitted to that.

I'm going to go rot my brain with some Real World. It's like a car wreck, horrible, but I can't seem to stop watching. I don't think I covered everything that has bounced around in my head over the past couple of weeks, but I keep getting distracted and writing this has taken me like over an hour. It's a problem. I'm done. Adios.

*See my post titled "Masquerade"

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  1. LOL. That was so much fun to read. I agree on the paint thing though. Sioux Falls, MN Ave, is the worst. You can't see any of hte lines if it rains. Ever. I am always afraid to die.

    And I do that too. Watch a movie on TV as opposed to putting in the commercial-less DVD I know that I own. What the heck, eh?