Sunday, August 16, 2009

State Fair Fun!

Dear Randi-
Thanks for helping my new nickname catch on, and for making me smile. I hope your baby finally went to sleep, because it's been like a week, and I'm pretty sure it's not healthy for babies to go without sleep for a week. Also, while I had a blast dressing up like Julia Roberts, the real JR randomly showed up at my door and took all the pictures. Just trust that I was a dead ringer.
Now that that's out of the way...time for a recap post! Woop woop! (Hi Emily!) So last week I was a total slacker. I was sick for two whole days and had all sorts of random things running through my brain, and I didn't post. Mostly because staring at the computer screen for too long made me a bit woozy. But trust me, they would have been hilarious posts if I'd made them. Let's take a moment and just imagine, shall we? ... ... ... Ahhh, that's the stuff.
Thursday night was the Drew Seeley concert at the state fair. It was a lot of fun. Thankfully, my obsession had waned by then, and I could just enjoy it. See, here's what you need to know about me. I have an obsessive personality...but also a short attention span. I find something or someone who I think is pretty cool, find out a lot about them (not in a creepy way) for a week or two, and then suddenly I see something shiny and it's over. Haha. So the concert was good, but I wasn't like all weird and nervous, though I was still happy to go. Of course, the average age at the show was 8-10, and surprisingly mostly girls. Go figure. Haha. DS had his best friend from high school, Brandon, come and play a couple acoustic songs with him, and that was really cool. Probably my favorite part of the show. Heather and I stood in line to meet him after and I got my picture taken with him. It was pretty cool.

Friday I got to spend the day at the fair with my family. I gotta say, there were a lot of things on a stick. I took a bunch of pictures of different things on sticks and posted them on Facebook. Anything from chicken to candy bars to origami! Pretty amazing what people can get on a stick. Other fun things at the fair: a grizzly old man with a herd of geese, a street musician, and, of course, the butter cow! Standing in line for the butter cow, there was this really annoying lady behind me. The first butter sculpture was an astronaut. Lady: "Oh yeah, it's been 50 years since we FAKED the moon landing. I saw this special on the History Channel..." Next came the butter cow. Lady: "That doesn't look so hard. I bet I could do it!" When she opened her mouth for the last sculpture (a TV with footage of the moon landing playing) I quickly walked away. I was pushing Siri's stroller and didn't want to "accidently" run into her. We spent 9.5 hours at the fair. Craziness, especially since we still didn't see everything we wanted to! The kids were really good though, and it was a lot of fun.
My family stuck around for most of the weekend. I got to spend some time with my nephew, Lyle. Lyle turned 4 on Thursday, and he is 100% boy. So different from playing with the girls. Lyle is a redheaded daredevil. He is hilarious. He spent part of the day on Saturday telling stories about finding a monster in a bathroom with his friend Swordfight. He kept stopping and asking if we really wanted to hear the story because it was pretty scary. When everyone else was taking naps, Lyle and I played Memory. Now, Lyle is one of the nicest little boys I've ever met, and working with preschoolers, I met a lot of little boys. One thing about Lyle, however, is that Lyle HATES to lose. He must win at everything. When we played, he got all my matches, and at the end of every game, he said, "I win, you lose." What a hoot. We had a nice talk about sportsmanship, and the last game he said, "I win, you lose...well, maybe you, we tied!" Haha. What a good compromise.
So many stories, and yet I am bored. I want to get up early-ish in the morning, so I will end with my "almost spit-take" of the weekend:
*We were at home after the long day at the fair. We all had glasses of milk.*
Mom: This milk tastes really good.
Emily: It really does. Now I almost wish I had used one of those milk vending machines at the fair.
Me: Emily, those are called cows.

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