Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life continues

So once again, I must apologize for my absence from the blogosphere. I know you have all been waiting, desperately longing for just a few wise words from my fingers. Strangely, I just haven't been in the mood to write lately. Of course, that means my novel isn't getting any attention either, so you're not alone ;)

So what fun things have happened? I had a roommate for two weeks. My dear friend Angie went from New Zealand to Australia to Iowa...which is, of course, the natural progression of travel. No one should ever leave Iowa off their world travel itinerary. I had the absolute best time with Angie. We haven't spent that amount of time together since college. Of course, I had to work, but she was waiting for me when I got home every day. Kind of like my lil wife. ;) Just kidding, we have a totally equal relationship. It was super fun to show Angie some of the things I love about my city. It was very sad to see her go though. I forget how nice it is to have someone around to talk to all the time. I mean, someone real.

Spring break has come and gone. My family and I headed south to Heifer International Ranch in Arkansas. Seriously an awesome organization. Check them out at heifer.org. My grandparents have volunteered at their educational ranch for over 15 years or something like that. We try and visit them down there every year, and it's always an amazing time. Much better now that I'm not in school and my mom doesn't stand over me and force me to work on homework. I got to road trip down with my parents. You guys, my parents are the best. For real. You wonder why I am the way I am? Just spend a day with my parents. You'll understand. For example, at one point my dad proclaimed that his colon was like, "YEEEEAAHH!!!" Then, as we passed an exit, my mom started giggling. "Hey, isn't that the Sonic where Rena fell down?" she asked, pointing before collapsing into more giggles. It was the Sonic where I fell down. Years ago. But my family never forgets.

At the Ranch we enjoyed the antics of the four Littles, who Maddy dubbed "The 4 Wild Poodles." She's kind of a city girl. We enjoyed lots of hikes around the Ranch, playing with the animals, including feeding the baby goats, a trip to Little Rock, a daffodil festival, and other fun. Time has a way of slowing down at the Ranch. It's been described as a "pocket of serenity." I could totally see that.

But, as always, life continues. Back in the reality of crazy work, I am missing the Ranch, and missing my dear friend. But I have lots of memories. And that makes me smile. For pictures, check out Facebook. I took a few...