Saturday, August 8, 2009


Okay so I'm laughing really hard right now. I love cheesy movies as much as anyone, probably more than is healthy for a 25 year old, and "A Cinderella Story" is on. I love the movie. I own the movie. I tuned in at the ball scene, and it suddenly just struck me as really really funny. She's at the ball, with a mask that goes just across her eyes...and he doesn't know who she is! Okay, believable at the ball, it's dark, hormones are high, brains aren't getting as much oxygen, whatever. But then when he sees her again he doesn't realize it? Her voice? Her eyes? Her...uhhh...well, the rest of her except for that strip around her eyes? Are guys really just that unobservant? Don't answer that... Not to mention her step sisters have NO IDEA that it's her. Of course not. Neither does anyone else. Same thing happens in "Another Cinderella Story," another movie I own and love, but again, what's with everyone being fooled by an eye mask? It's amazing. And they are interviewing all these girls, most of whom obviously don't fit the profile. Those masks! I'm going to wear one tomorrow and pretend to be Julia Roberts. Just for kicks. Nobody will know, because I'll be wearing an eye mask.

So here's what I'm thinking...forget witness protection. Give everyone masks! Spies? I think the US government has seriously overlooked this amazing disguise. Perhaps they should watch more teenybopper chick flicks.

It is HOT here. Like, serious heat. Hit almost 110 degree heat index today. Gross, right? Sometimes I think Iowa is not the place for me to live. I mean, I hate the heat of summer. I hate the cold of winter. I need to find a place where it's always spring or fall. 60s and 70s. Ahhh, that would be perfect. ... ... ... Whoops, sorry, went to my happy place for a second there.

It finally rained here yesterday. I know, front page news, right? But it hadn't rained forever, so it was good, but I had to get up instead of getting to stay in bed and enjoy the thunder, so it was bad. All in all not the best Friday ever. We got paid, which is good, but my mileage, which I was expecting, was not on the check, which was bad. Very bad. Because after paying my bills, I have maybe just enough to pay for gas for the next two weeks, but not enough for silly things like food. Good times, eh? Since I spend a couple/few hundred dollars per month on gas, it makes a huge difference.

Gosh, sorry, that was a random depressing tangent. I'm just a bit stressed, haha. And my eye is twitching. I asked the eye doctor why my eye wouldn't stop twitching. He told me I need to get more sleep and decrease the stress in my life. To which I said HA! He also said to take a vacation, because I'd be amazed at how quickly the twitch went away. He is such a comedian. Isn't he, Phyllis? (wink wink) Anyway, I'm trying out the nickname "Twitchy." Might as well live it up, eh?

I'd like to end with something clever, but I got nothing. I have to watch the end of this totally realistic and believable movie and pretend that I'm Cinderella;) (You know I love it!)

PS - Random info...I just published this, and it's about 10:55 pm. The time stamp said 8:03. It's always completely random. Go figure. Just thought I'd share!


  1. By the way, msheather06 = your fellow coworker, Heather, :) It's the only way I could figure out how to leave you a comment (to go thru my AIM name).

  2. I have had those same thoughts many times re: "A Cinderella Story"... love that movie but can't understand how he can be so dumb. And the sister.... granted, we can all agree, they're not the brightest crayons in the box.

    And umm.... as for the temps today.... I concur! Gross!! And I had to work the ballgame tonight.... I was so hot, my name tag kept sticking to me. Got to love it.

  3. Dear Twitchy,
    I agree about the temps, I've thought the same exact thing about MN for several years now. Maybe we should move to someplace that is always spring/fall together. Of course I'd have to bring Clayton & the girls with me...maybe you can be our nanny.

    Sincerely Yours,

    PS: You should post a pic of yourself with this eye mask, just so we know you're not a liar. :)