Friday, November 20, 2009


I have a confession to make. I am twenty five years old...and I went to a midnight showing of New Moon last night! It's true! I am a Twilight junkie, and I needed my next hit. And let me tell knocked my socks off. A quick review of the was great. Much more well done than the first one, and it followed the book more closely, though nothing could live up to the wondefulosity of the book. Taylor Lautner was great and really carried the movie. Rob Pattinson was kinda...umm...high looking. But still good. And I actually liked Kristen Stewart, which I definitely did not for the first movie. Wonderful. Movie = Good. Now. On to the good stuff.

Kari and I arrive at the theater around 10:30 or so. First of all, I must say that it was unbelievably clever of them to have a blood drive before this movie. Seriously. Who thinks up these things? I'd like to shake their hand. We get inside and immediately are accosted by teenage girls with raffle tickets. "Pick a team, win a prize!" they say. I picked. I didn't win. In the center of the lobby people are getting their picture taken with cardboard cutouts of the cast. Don't tell Kari, but I was seriously tempted to drag her over there and force her to take a picture with me. However, she groaned enough with the pictures I took with my own camera. She doesn't want proof. I attempte to take a picture of a couple dressed up as Edward and Bella, but trying to be sneaky by not using flash results in a blurry picture. Also in the center of the lobby are tables set up with other raffles and free stuff. And formal wear. Yeah, I don't get it either. There isn't even a prom scene in this one. That was soooo last movie. But there it was. We take a couple pictures then stand awkwardly. We are among the minority...we are not wearing Twilight t-shirts. A lady rushes up to us. "Do you have your koozies yet?" We shake our heads, maybe a bit confused. She shoves them in our hands and skips away. I am now the proud owner of a bright green Aveda koozie. Awesome. I guess they drink soda in New Moon.

After making the circuit, we decide to see if we can get our seats. I mean, come on, the movie starts in just over an hour! Though the marquee says that New Moon is now seating, we are stopped at the ticket taker place and told to wait. We are first in line. For our theater anyway. Apparently another one is already full. However, I choose to pretend that we're first in line, because I'm just that lame. Finally, they let us in. I'm surprised we aren't stampeded over. Teenage girls are vicious. We snag some seats in the second row in the back part of the theater. Perfect level for viewing. The theater fills behind us. Surprisingly, there are very few members of the male species in attendance. Go figure. There are a few, though they are not giggling and giddy like most of the girls. There is a wide variety of different shirts. People watching is fun. After a little while, a manager comes in and gives five minute speech, thanking people for helping to put things together. He thanks us, the movie-goers, as well. Kari is glowing by the end. She feels wonderful about herself. We didn't know we were going to get a boost in self-esteem at this movie! A little while later, one of the teenage girls decides to do a poll...Team Edward or Team Jacob. Edward wins. Of course. Then more employees come in with a trivia game. I know all the answers, but I don't win anything because I am a pansy. I raise my hand, feel lame, put it down, think "I know this," put my hand back up, feel lame, put it down. They ignore me. There is an annoying woman down in front who cries, "I'm Alice, by the way!" and is really quite annoying. After the game is finished, a last minute trip to the bathroom is in order. I search for the facilities, finally asking an employeed where the nearest restroom is. She points right behind her, where a lit-up sign declaring "Women" is quite obvious. It's late.

At 12:01 the previews start. At 12:05 they stall and then restart. They're teasing us. At 12:15, the fans begin to get restless, calling out for the movie to begin. At 12:25, the movie finally begins, and the theater erupts in cheers. The ladies next to me are particularly creepy. One of them, before any actors even arrive on screen, begins moaning. "Mmmm...mmmmmm...." I am very uncomfortable. Let me just say, there were many women who didn't get any of the plot line, distracted as they were by Taylor Lautner's abs. I look over at Kari frequently. She smiles the entire time. I'm glad I don't have mind-reading skills, because I'm sure most of her thoughts are impure. She wants to be a cougar. She is focused on the fact that Taylor is legal in just a few months. There are some cheesy scenes involving Jacob slowly removing his shirt, and then Edward and Bella running through the forest in slow motion dressed in old fashioned clothes. Sparkling. Lol. I love cheese.

The movie finishes. I am happy. I drive home in a sleepy state, fall into bed, and dream of...not New Moon. I know what Kari dreamt about...but I can't talk about it on here...I like to keep things PG...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rock on!

Tonight I went with Phyllis to see Skillet in concert. Now, for those of you who don't know who Skillet is, you're missing out and I insist you go to YouTube and look them up. Now. Or when you finish reading. The concert was four hours long and included four bands: The Letter Black (never heard of them but they were decent), Decypher Down (LOVE THEM!), Hawk Nelson (a new love, I believe), and, of course, SKILLET! Seriously, folks, this was one of the best concerts I've ever attended. I took a billion pictures, due in part to the discovery of the continuous shot setting on my camera. Hold the button down and take as many pictures in a row as you want! Never lose that perfect shot while your camera is resetting again. Okay, so I might have gone a little overboard. Sue me. It was just really amazing to see these hard rock bands rocking out, screaming, whatever, and then talking about Jesus. Yeah! Gave me chills, especially when Jesus got the biggest shout-out.

That said, I had several observations from the night, which I will term "only at a rock concert." I have written before regarding "concert-speak" at concerts, and I just giggled tonight as Phyllis and I joined right in. "How you doin, Iowa?" "Whoooooooooooo!" Awesome. I actually tried to picture what it would be like if our admin meetings at work were run the same way as a concert. They might actually hold my attention! Clapping and cheering for good news, booing when things aren't going so well. Now that's a meeting I'd like to be a part of. If you knew the guy who runs the meetings this would be even funnier. Trust me. Haha. Also, I was thinking about the sort of power these rock stars yield. I mean, they come out and say, "Everyone on your feet!" and thousands of people jump. "Now everyone scream!" "AHHHH!!!!" "Clap!" "Cell phones out!" "Wave your hands in the air!" Dance, monkeys, dance! What I could do with that sort of power...

People are funny at rock concerts. There was one girl who stood at the railing and headbanged the entire time. I tried to take a picture at one point, because she was headbanging and holding a skillet. Get it? Skillet? HAHAHAHAHAHAA! Ahem. Anyway. The dancing on stage is funny too. All the guys have the headbanging thing down, and it seems like they're able to do it in a way that allows them to avoid the invariable whiplash most fans end up with. I wonder if their necks ever get sore, or if they've conditioned them to deal. Hmm. Something to ponder. Sometimes, though, it's kind of disturbing. I mean, I swear, the guitar chick for Skillet looked like she was having an episode for the duration of their set. Seriously, I was a little concerned. Maybe it's an age thing too. Phyllis and I discussed this on the way home. As the strobe lights were blinking, both of us were thinking, "Oh thank goodness I don't have epilepsy!" I thought I might have a stroke anyway. I mean, when did 25 get old enough to have those thoughts? Let me go grab my walker and my good teeth...

All in all, a great Friday the 13th. Loved the concert, loved the people, loved the WEATHER, which was still in the 50s when we left at 11:30! If only it could be like this always.

Off to Cedar Falls in the morning. Perhaps sleep is a good idea since it's 1am and Star Trek is now over. Whoops...apparently I geek out when it gets late.

(PS - 6 days until New Moon! Yes, I have tickets for the 12:01 showing!!!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sick day

So I'm home sick today, and despite numerous texts telling me to nap, I am unable to sleep. I tried. I was almost there. I woke up. So what on earth do you do on a sick day?

There is nothing on daytime TV. It's pretty trashy. Jerry Springer, judge shoes, Tyra...basically all these shows that get their ratings from highlighting the worst aspects of our society. Right now on Tyra there are teen girls who are pregnant and those who say they want to have a baby, mostly because of the celebrities who have had babies, like Jamie Lynn Spears. Wow. That's all I have to say about that.

I opened my novel. I watched a movie. I reopened my novel. Then I filled out a Facebook survey. I looked at my novel again. Then I decided to write a blog. I need help. Can't go anywhere...I was all dizzy driving my car to the gym this morning, I'm lucky I didn't die. I should really use this forced time on the couch to get some good words out but my concentration is especially low today. I think I write better at night...which is bad since I still get up early so I'm just getting less sleep.

November is a crazy month. Too much to do. I think I might explode once December hits. Kristen is getting married in just over two weeks, which is completely insane. I know what song I'm singing now, "The More I Seek You," which is one of my favorite songs. There is just too much to think about though...I can't imagine having to plan the entire wedding. Yikes. I need to book things for my cruise. I can't wait until I reach that point. Sweet relief.

Um. What else can I do to procrastinate? I am way too unfocused to be writing in this thing. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll try to work on my novel. Or watch teen girls that think having a baby is a good idea.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All aboard for the procrastination station!

Well, it's November 1st. First day of National Novel Writing Month. Like a good little NaNoWriMo, I stayed up and began writing at midnight last night. I made it to 1701 words before calling it a night. Just over the daily quota needed to reach 50,000 before midnight November 30. And here I am, 12 hours later, writing in my blog instead of working on my novel. Could it be starting so soon???

Don't get me wrong...I don't have writer's block. In fact, I am excited to see where my characters will go next. Unlike a lot of writers, and going against what I have learned in writing classes, I don't make outlines, and I don't do character sketches. I get to know my characters as the reader would, bit by bit. Sometimes they surprise me with what they do. Why on earth did she say that?? I might ask myself. Other times I might be writing while all the while shouting at my characters to knock it off. I know it's not professional, and I know it's not "right," but then again, what is the "right" way to be creative? I believe that if my characters are to be believable, they need to be as unpredictable and imperfect as any of us are. If they always say and do the right things, where is the excitement? How can anyone connect to impossible perfection, or even perfectly scripted imperfection? Not sure if that makes any sense at all. As far as the current procrastination goes, I have no other explanation other than it is so deeply ingrained in my psyche to put off even those things I am excited about that I just can't help myself.

I'm writing this in a bit of a sleep-deprived stupor. My goal is to make it to 5000 words in my novel today, but I also really really really want to take a nap. I should clean as well, but those of you who know me will know where that ranks on my list of things to do. Novel, then nap, then novel some more, then...well, the cleaning probably just won't happen today.

I blame Halloween in part for my sleeplessness. I know I know, I stayed up late writing, but then once I went to bed I was just a bit creeped out. See, last night I watched the movie "Orphan" with some friends. I am not much into horror flicks. I tend to laugh through them, and pretty much annoy anyone I'm watching with. I really thought I was okay with the whole creepy movie on Halloween thing. I only closed my eyes at the bloody parts, because really, who needs to see blood spattering every 5 minutes? I came home around 11:30, glad that I left a light on, and went about my business getting ready to start writing. I walked back toward my bedroom and happened to catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. And my heart stopped. Because for a moment I swore there was someone standing in the doorway of my second bedroom. Of course, it was just one of my bridesmaids dresses hanging on the door. Why on earth would a knife-wielding (did I mention that in my moment of insanity I imagined the door-lurker to be holding a knife??) psycho be waiting in my apartment? I was able to laugh at myself after, but I admit my pride was punctured just a bit. Me, the tough girl who isn't scared by anything, practically brought to her knees by a dress. Of course, in my infinite wisdom, I chose to text Phyllis and share my humiliation, and now I've shared with anyone who happens to read this. Hey, we can all use a little humility, right?

And now, it's time to stop this procrastination train and get off. Back to NaNoWriMo. 1701 words written, 48,299 to go! Wish me luck!

(Dear Phyllis: Hey, this was hardly random at all! Proud of me???)