Sunday, April 18, 2010

That thing called love

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. We can learn so much from kids. I had the privilege of hanging out with my five year old niece tonight. My other niece, Allie, fell asleep, so Maddy chattered all night, as usual.

It's so interesting to me to hear about the world from a child's perspective. For some reason, the topic of the night was love, being married, boyfriends, etc. Maddy is hilarious. She has decided that it's time for her to have a boyfriend, so she went through all the possible suspects. First there was her friend Jayden, but he already has a girlfriend named Carrie Anderson (Underwood). Then she thought maybe Lyle, but I gently explained that that really wasn't possible since they're cousins. Next, she thought maybe she could have a girlfriend instead and go with her friend Josie (Jayden's little sister). I told her she could certainly have Josie as a friend who is a girl. Her response? "Yeah, but I'll call her my girlfriend." Later on, she decided that she would maybe just marry Ace, the baby my sister is going to start watching tomorrow (and son of my dear friend Meagan!), when they are old enough.

What really got me about all of her talk was how simple it all seemed to her. You like someone, maybe you should marry them. You enjoy spending time with them? Well, it would be a blast to live with them and get to play all the time! Sure, you might fight sometimes, but in true kid style, you get over it by sharing a popsicle. Easy peasy.

Maddy also found time tonight to lecture me on my love life. She thinks I need to have a baby so she has more cousins, but I need to find a husband first. She said I would find him soon, May 23, actually. First she thought I would have to take the day off work to go look for him, but since it's a Sunday, I can just look after church. She's hilarious. It was even funnier coming off a weekend when I visited Southern Hills and was told that I needed to get married because I was so old, and also attended a bachelorette party, where I heard all sorts of advice for marriage.

My favorite advice was from a child. Just do it. Be with the one who makes you happy. And if you fight, share a popsicle ;)


  1. I like Maddy's advice I totally think that you should just go for it. . .popsicles are cheap. What do you think Nicole????

  2. I agree!!!

    And I read it all but the last little summary totally gave me goosebumps, and really made me want a Popsicle.