Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Social Experiment, Pt 1

This week I embarked on a social experiement of sorts. I mean, I majored in psychology and minored in sociology in college, so obviously human nature fascinates me. So. I joined Yup. I've heard good things about the site, and a couple of my friends have gotten dates off it, so I though, hey, what the heck? I mean, my sister and brother-in-law met through the internet. (Okay okay, before I get in BIG trouble, I should clarify...they did not meet ON the internet. Their friends did. And when their friends met, they went along. And ka-boom. They lived happily ever after. The end.) While I know good things can happen on internet dating, I'm pretty sure it's not for me. I joined a "penpal" site in college and got wedding proposals from the Middle East. I did a free sign up at eHarmony once, and it was more stress than it was worth. Plus, it's a great way to get rejected 10 times a day. And last year (?) sometime I tried I don't want to talk about it... Long story short, my time on these sites < 2 weeks typically.

It has already been a fairly entertaining experiment. Just perusing the site is very educational. Therefore I decided to discuss it in at least two installments, maybe more, depending on how long I last. In this first chapter, we'll cover simple do's and don't's of creating a profile. From my perspective. Because I know what's best. ;)

- Write about yourself in the boxes. It's not "funny" or "cute" to say things like, "If you really want to know, you'll ask me."

- Use spellcheck. Please. And as much correct punctuation as you can. Typos happen, but it's not really helpful if a profile isn't coherent.

- Post decent pictures of yourself. Ones where you can see your face. Maybe smile. Maybe even post ones where you've washed your hair recently.

- Come up with something more clever in a message than, "You're cute." Actually read the profile of the person you're messaging and comment on something they've said.

- Use "text speak" to creat your profile. It gets really annoying to try to read.

- Post pictures of yourself cuddling with members of the opposite sex. Somehow it sends the wrong message on a dating site.

- Post pictures of yourself taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom mirror with your shirt off. Just...don't. (This is mostly aimed at guys, but it would probably be a bad idea for girls too ;))

- Talk about how stupid or blind the opposite sex is in your first messages. Bitterness is not sexy.

- Say in the first message that you are desperate to meet someone and you think it's the person you're messaging. Again. Not really attractive.


I could go on, I'm sure. But those are the basics. It shouldn't be rocket science, but you'd be surprised! That's it for now. Stay tuned in the next few days to hear about some of the charmers I've already met on the site. You won't want to miss it!


  1. Ah yes. I'm biased towards Internet dating, merely because that is where the hubby and I met. While there are stupid people on there, just remember that there are likely normal guys on there just like you, thinking the same thing about stupid, idiot girls :-) Trust me, it's hard not to be cynical, only because there are COMPLETE, and I mean COMPLETE morons on there ... but don't let that blind you to the genuine ones ;-) It took me a year to finally go on the "right" first date... and it was worth it. Good luck, and have fun!

  2. To the list of don'ts you should add posting a picture of a naked man "playing" with himself as your profile picture. . .seriously?????

  3. Um, okay this makes me want to make a profile for Betsy Sporkalot and have it go against everything you just said, and then hit on you, of course... but I won't.

    Those sites, I know I'm married, but I've always wanted to see what they were like.


    PS: you typed "creat" and I laughed.

  4. Sorry I'm late to the show. Did you know that's how David and I met? He doesn't really like sharing that though. He was the first guy I talked to on the phone, met with and then started dating. And the crazy thing is, I only joined eHarmony because my friend wanted to try it. I was thinking, "I'm only 24. I really don't need to use a dating site."

    And yes, the guys with NO pictures are the worst because you think "How bad is it?" And then you feel guilty for being shallow.

  5. Hey, remember Nathan and I met online too. In like 98 but still. LOL.