Monday, June 21, 2010

I get no sympathy! But my friends are very patient.

I mentioned at the end of my post yesterday that my walk resulted in several blisters on one of my feet. Really annoying. So I went to my dear friend Phyllis looking for sympathy because I was in pain. Did I get any? You be the judge...

me: my toe hurts

andrea: lance it

me: no

andrea: it'll feel better

me: or it'll fall off!!!

andrea: it won't fall off good grief

me: how do you know?

andrea: well for one I am assuming the bone is still attached. . .and two, it's a blister which means it's only skin deep. . .you are probably gonna have to do a lot more damage before your toe falls off

me: what if i try to lance it and i slip and CUT IT OFF???

andrea: well then you are lancing it wrong. . .you should be using a needle to lance it. . .if you cut your toe off with that then I don't know that anyone can help you

me: i don't have a needle so i was going to use a butcher knife

andrea: cause you have nothing between a needle and a butcher knife

me: well i only want to have to poke it once

andrea: you only have to poke it once with a needle

me: what if it goes through to the bone?

andrea: were talking about a needle here rena. . .you really can't do much damage with the needle

me: have we met?

andrea: I still contend it's a needle. . .I don't think even you could do much damage with that

me: you come do it and bring a needle cuz i don't have one

andrea: I will do it for you at work tomorrow

me: but i might scream

andrea: I'll bring a piece of leather for you to chew on ya wuss. . .have you really never lanced anything before, you can't feel it

me: i don't believe you. what if you slip and paralyze me

andrea: it's ur pinky toe. . .are you this paranoid about everything

me: i'm not paranoid. who told you i was paranoid? was it nicole?

andrea: I don't know why I even attempt logic with you most days. . .it usually ends up making me crazy

She went on to blame me for her craziness. But I guess she kinda has a point. I do at times make it a point to do things that will make her think she's crazy. It's fun. And I get bored easily. Is it wrong to mess with people's minds like that? If it is, then I don't wanna be right...

Oh yeah, and I did end up lancing my blisters. With a fingernail clipper. Don't worry, it was sanitary. And I used bandaids.


  1. Rena we need to talk about you always using our conversations for your blogs :)

    And if anyone out there thinks she deserves more sympathy based on the course of that conversation please let me know and I will try to do better next time.

  2. Andrea, twice does not constitute "always." Plus, together we are comedic gold. Admit it. You love it.