Saturday, May 22, 2010

Like slipping on a banana peel

My toe hurts. The little one. Yesterday it hurt so bad I was convinced it was broken. Why, you ask? Well, as I was stepping through the doorway to my apartment building after work yesterday, hands full of crap, as usual, the mat, usually meant to keep people from slipping, slid right across the floor, my foot right along with it. This started the inevitable house of cards collapse, with the house of cards being me in this case, of course. I went down hard, phones flying, foot twisting, knee skinning. I'm also pretty sure it happened in slow motion, as my falls tend to do. I lay in shock on the floor for a few seconds, then quickly (well, as quickly as possible) got to my feet and limped up the stairs to my apartment. Thank goodness no one saw...I don't think... (unless of course it was a setup and someone cleaned the floor with Pledge so the mat would slip and catch the first schmuck unlucky enough to step on it and it was caught on video, to be shown on a hidden camera show at a later date and time...but that's just the paranoid version)

Really I think it was a cosmic sign that I should write a blog that I have been planning to write for a long time. One based entirely on the embarrassing moments that we all cringe to think about, but yet are essential to the health of our humor. I have been sitting here all night giggling to myself (not as crazy as it sounds) as I wrote some of this post in my head, as more and more moments of potential embarrassment flitted through my memory. I'm glad that my tolerance for embarrassment is fairly high, because I have realized that I fall down a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Seriously. Just a few examples...

- Freshman year of college. I had a night class, Spanish, in the Humanities building with my roommate, Kaija. It was on the third floor. After class one night, I was at the head of the heard descending the stairs when I took a misstep and stumbled down the last couple of steps to the landing below. I ended up on all fours, with my hair surrounding my face. Kaija was at my side in an instant, concerned because I was shaking, and she thought I was crying. Nope. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe or sit up. Still makes me giggle.

- Freshman year, terrible ice storm. Walking with two other girls to the Madsen Center, holding on to each other for support. I slipped, taking one of the girls down with me. The other one let go to save herself. Smart girl. My butt was sore for days.

- Graduation day from Augustana. Lunch at the Ground Round. My family was already gathered on the upper seating platform. Three measley steps. And I fell up them. In slow motion. My brother still rolls on the floor laughing when reliving this story.

- Orchard Place. Before the upstairs waiting room was used. Carrying a load of junk up, my toe catches and I, once again, fall up the stairs. Of course, the usually empty room had at least five people there to witness my tumble.

- Yankton, SD. Playing at a park before a friend's wedding, taking pictures. I step in a hole and go down. Yet another time my falling is described as being in slow motion. Kristen made me reenact it for picture-taking purposes.

So yes. I fall a lot. And I love it. It makes for such good stories! The above ones are only the ones I can remember right now. I'm sure there are many many more. Embarrassing moments build character. I think we need to be able to laugh at ourselves, to not take everything so seriously. Not all my embarrassing moments involve falling. There was the time I got stuck in the car wash, or getting stuck between glass doors at a friend's apartment. Being forced to role play in staffing, or any of the random idiotic things I tend to say on a daily basis. I love it.

What are you most embarrassing moments? Do you mind if I laugh at (with) you? I showed you show me yours! ;)


  1. Sophmore year in college walking across campus stepped on a walnut and laid myself out in the middle of the sidewalk. . .jumped to my feet as quick as possible looking around to make sure no one saw and ended up wearing a wrist brace for a week cause I jammed it really hard into the ground. . .yep I'm awesome.

  2. Once, in high school, instead of waiting for the trombone section (who were mostly all my friends and kind of jerks sometimes) to let me go through the dang row, I decided to just walk on the chairs behind them. And I totally biffed it and smacked the floor right between a few chairs. The entire band was in the room.

    Whoop whoop!

    And I totally remember that ice storm.

  3. Thanks for sharing, friends! I was reminded this weekend of two other ones I must share.

    1) Middle school, I had to write the word "doughnuts" on the board, and I spelled it "dognuts." I was mortified. It's a hard word. Shut up.

    2) Sophomore year of college. Sleeping in the loft, and had a dream that it was time to get up (I have those a lot). I swung my legs over the side, forgetting that I was in a loft since it was only the first week back. Add in slippery pj pants, and in seconds I was airborne. Yeah. Broke my ankle. Had to use a chair as a "walker" to get to the bathroom. Lol. Wheelchair for two days. I totally rock, I know ;)