Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sick day

So I'm home sick today, and despite numerous texts telling me to nap, I am unable to sleep. I tried. I was almost there. I woke up. So what on earth do you do on a sick day?

There is nothing on daytime TV. It's pretty trashy. Jerry Springer, judge shoes, Tyra...basically all these shows that get their ratings from highlighting the worst aspects of our society. Right now on Tyra there are teen girls who are pregnant and those who say they want to have a baby, mostly because of the celebrities who have had babies, like Jamie Lynn Spears. Wow. That's all I have to say about that.

I opened my novel. I watched a movie. I reopened my novel. Then I filled out a Facebook survey. I looked at my novel again. Then I decided to write a blog. I need help. Can't go anywhere...I was all dizzy driving my car to the gym this morning, I'm lucky I didn't die. I should really use this forced time on the couch to get some good words out but my concentration is especially low today. I think I write better at night...which is bad since I still get up early so I'm just getting less sleep.

November is a crazy month. Too much to do. I think I might explode once December hits. Kristen is getting married in just over two weeks, which is completely insane. I know what song I'm singing now, "The More I Seek You," which is one of my favorite songs. There is just too much to think about though...I can't imagine having to plan the entire wedding. Yikes. I need to book things for my cruise. I can't wait until I reach that point. Sweet relief.

Um. What else can I do to procrastinate? I am way too unfocused to be writing in this thing. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll try to work on my novel. Or watch teen girls that think having a baby is a good idea.

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