Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rock on!

Tonight I went with Phyllis to see Skillet in concert. Now, for those of you who don't know who Skillet is, you're missing out and I insist you go to YouTube and look them up. Now. Or when you finish reading. The concert was four hours long and included four bands: The Letter Black (never heard of them but they were decent), Decypher Down (LOVE THEM!), Hawk Nelson (a new love, I believe), and, of course, SKILLET! Seriously, folks, this was one of the best concerts I've ever attended. I took a billion pictures, due in part to the discovery of the continuous shot setting on my camera. Hold the button down and take as many pictures in a row as you want! Never lose that perfect shot while your camera is resetting again. Okay, so I might have gone a little overboard. Sue me. It was just really amazing to see these hard rock bands rocking out, screaming, whatever, and then talking about Jesus. Yeah! Gave me chills, especially when Jesus got the biggest shout-out.

That said, I had several observations from the night, which I will term "only at a rock concert." I have written before regarding "concert-speak" at concerts, and I just giggled tonight as Phyllis and I joined right in. "How you doin, Iowa?" "Whoooooooooooo!" Awesome. I actually tried to picture what it would be like if our admin meetings at work were run the same way as a concert. They might actually hold my attention! Clapping and cheering for good news, booing when things aren't going so well. Now that's a meeting I'd like to be a part of. If you knew the guy who runs the meetings this would be even funnier. Trust me. Haha. Also, I was thinking about the sort of power these rock stars yield. I mean, they come out and say, "Everyone on your feet!" and thousands of people jump. "Now everyone scream!" "AHHHH!!!!" "Clap!" "Cell phones out!" "Wave your hands in the air!" Dance, monkeys, dance! What I could do with that sort of power...

People are funny at rock concerts. There was one girl who stood at the railing and headbanged the entire time. I tried to take a picture at one point, because she was headbanging and holding a skillet. Get it? Skillet? HAHAHAHAHAHAA! Ahem. Anyway. The dancing on stage is funny too. All the guys have the headbanging thing down, and it seems like they're able to do it in a way that allows them to avoid the invariable whiplash most fans end up with. I wonder if their necks ever get sore, or if they've conditioned them to deal. Hmm. Something to ponder. Sometimes, though, it's kind of disturbing. I mean, I swear, the guitar chick for Skillet looked like she was having an episode for the duration of their set. Seriously, I was a little concerned. Maybe it's an age thing too. Phyllis and I discussed this on the way home. As the strobe lights were blinking, both of us were thinking, "Oh thank goodness I don't have epilepsy!" I thought I might have a stroke anyway. I mean, when did 25 get old enough to have those thoughts? Let me go grab my walker and my good teeth...

All in all, a great Friday the 13th. Loved the concert, loved the people, loved the WEATHER, which was still in the 50s when we left at 11:30! If only it could be like this always.

Off to Cedar Falls in the morning. Perhaps sleep is a good idea since it's 1am and Star Trek is now over. Whoops...apparently I geek out when it gets late.

(PS - 6 days until New Moon! Yes, I have tickets for the 12:01 showing!!!)


  1. Almighty and powerful Rena, I have obeyed your command. I have gone to YouTube and watched Skillet. See? You have the power! :)

    Liz Hartling

  2. I can almost taste the power. Tastes like chicken. What did you think?

  3. This post was very entertaining. I, too, think business meetings should be run the same way! Everyone would be excited for that weekly staff meeting instead of treating it just as an obligation. :) I get old at concerts too....I bring my ear plugs, I have no desire to be super close to the stage, I'd rather sit in my lawn chair about halfway back. haha

  4. All I have to add is that concert was A+mazing. . .oh wait maybe you already made that point. . .whatever. . .I am still available on the 28th if you want to do it again. :)