Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whoops, there goes my arm

I'm pretty sure I might be falling apart. Or at least my eyes and ears might fall out. Don't freak out. I'm sure I won't look that weird. And I can wear a cool eye patch and have gold teeth. I will be a pirate! I mean, I always wanted to be a ninja, but a pirate is pretty cool too, right? Not a bad alternative.

Today I got to drive all the way to Perry, then turn around and come home. Love those days. They're the best. You ever have those days when you have to put a positive spin on everything or else you might run away join the circus? Yeah, that's today. We went out for Phyllis' birthday today though. (Andrea, it's hard to type your fake name.) That was fun. Man, I'm boring.

I have decided that birds are smarter than we think. Yes, birds. I have always wondered why they always manage to fly across the road right in front of my car. I think those are the daredevil birds. You know, the juvenile delinquent birds who like to risk their lives. Like, "Dude, I dare you to fly out in front of that semi!" "Naw, dude, those things are too hot, how about that little Bug?" "No way, ya wimp! Grow a pair and get out there!" "Fine fine, I'll go in front of whatever car comes!" This is the part where the bird scares the crap out of me by flying out of the ditch and right into my path. I'm pretty sure after some of the near misses, those birds wait a while before car surfing again. Crazy birds...

I'm watching a show on TLC about a little girl with Progeria. It's that disease that makes kids age super fast. Very sad, because these kids are some of the cutest ever, and this little girl is mature beyond her years. She hasn't gotten to have much of a childhood because she has health issues and is constantly dealing with death and the possibility of death. She went to a friend's funeral and she was upset because their last conversation had been an argument over a DS. Kids shouldn't have to worry about that! So very sad.

In other very exciting news, Drew Seeley is playing at the Iowa State Fair for FREE!! I'm excited because I will finally get to meet him and we can start planning our wedding. I was thinking a spring wedding would be nice... Trust and believe you will hear more about this as the time gets closer.


  1. This reminds me of another thing from my favorite comedian. Paraphrased: Why is it that when we see someone with an eyepatch, we automatically think of a pirate? It could be a businessman in a suit with a briefcase, but if he's wearing an eyepatch, we assume he says, "Argh! To me office, hold me calls! When's me meeting?" :D

    *goes to google Drew Seeley because I have no idea who he is*

  2. I love your random ramblings they always make me giggle. Especially the bird piece. Oh and I was going to ask what makes you think you are falling apart. . .you seemed intacted to me on Friday. Oh and one last thing. . .remind my to tell you a classic P-life story on Monday. :)