Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I gotta say...tonight is a little bittersweet. I mean...I'm all for happy endings, but it's the ending part that is hard. What will my life look like now? How will I adjust? I just can't believe it's over. Things are going to be so different. I'm a bit choked up...hold on a moment.

Okay. I think I'm okay to continue. As you might have guessed, another season of the Bachelorette has passed. What? You thought it was worse than that?? Obviously you don't know me very well. As far as guilty pleasures go, Bachelor and Bachelorette top my list. It's bad. Very bad. But oh so good. So very very good. Who knows if it will last. Maybe they'll be couple number 2 (of 17 seasons) to actually get married. I mean, what better way to start a relationship than by dating 30 men at once? Really, it's quite a fabulous idea. But really, I do hope the best for them. Ed was my favorite from the beginning, but I've heard rumors...oh well. Not my life. Ha.

Watched the new "Bachelor-esque" series tonight, "More to Love." Not bad. Rings instead of roses. Although I'm not sure I would trust a guy who gave me a promise ring if he gave one to 14 other women at the same time. At least there are no secrets, eh? There's a girl from Ankeny on it though! I'm rooting for her for now because she's representing for the coolest town in Iowa. Haha...

I'm pretty sure I'm losing my mind. Just this week (and mind, it's only Tuesday), I have told someone I work in Warren County (never have), lost my work phone (actually both my phones, but the work on is actually across town), and planned to ask my dentist about my eye twitch. We have a new girl who started on our team yesterday, and she probably thinks I've completely lost my mind already. I mean, everyone comes to that conclusion eventually, but this is only day 2. Good stuff.

In follow-up to my bird paragraph from my last post, someone at work asked me why it is that birds poop more on her new red car than they did on her old white car. Well. I take this as further evidence that birds are smarter than we think. Reasons why they poop on it? 1) It's new. 2) It's red. Yes yes. I also firmly believe that the birds with tummy aches take particular pleasure in defacing shiny new cars. Or just clean cars. They're out to get us. For real. (Okay, this paragraph does not do anything to discourage anyone from thinking I'm insane.)

Finally...a confession...I've joined Twitter! I avoided it for a long time. I mean, really, my life isn't that interesting. Sadly, I am very entertained by tweeting several times a day. Even if no one reads them but me. I think I'm up to 7 followers. I'm almost celebrity status. Haha. I'm such a nerd. So everyone should follow me, so I get emails saying that people are following me and I can feel all stalked and stuff. @auntierena Go. Now.

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  1. Birds used to poop on Clayton's Thunderbird all the time. He was convinced that, similar to the stick man or stick woman on the doors to our public restrooms, the birds saw the Thunderbird logo & figured that's where they were supposed to go. :)