Saturday, June 27, 2009


So. Here I am again. Writing a blog. Last time I kept one of these, the word "blog" wasn't even widely used. I called it my "online journal." So sophisticated, right? I sure thought so. However, it's been a good year since I wrote in my old one, and I decided to start fresh. Since everyone uses blogger, I decided, hey, why not? I'm a follower, I'd like to follow this trend too!

Wow, that was an incredibly wordy and boring introduction to this journal. I honestly don't know what will come of it at this point. I have no angle, no special topics to cover. Just me. Rambling. Randomly.

So a few random facts about me. I live in Iowa, and I'm not ashamed by that fact (most days). I work as a family therapist. When I graduated from graduate school, I said I would take any job as long as it didn't involve teenagers or doing home-based work. Big joke on me, I work with teens and their families in their homes. Not just teens, but teens in the juvenile justice system. Sweet, eh? Let's see, what else? I just totally spaced out for like five minutes. Where was I? I have three nieces and one nephew from one brother and one sister. I am the youngest child in my family, and I milk it when I can. I love fall, but my favorite holiday is Christmas. I secretly believe I was meant to be born in England or Australia, mostly because I'm obsessed with those accents. But who isn't, really? Aaaaand, that's enough for now. Can't reveal everything on a first date, right? Gotta leave 'em wanting more. That's right, that's how I roll.

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  1. Woohoo! I'm glad you've come to blogger, I already added you to my blog list (on my blog) so I'll always know when you have updated. :)