Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a wonderful life

I have been told recently that it's high time for me to blog again. I was sooo tempted to just leave it at that sentence and call it happy. But I'm nicer than that. Truth is, and this might be shocking to you, my life is just not that interesting. Sure, my brain is an undiscovered treasure trove of wonderfulness, but most people aren't ready to experience it. So I get stuck. I'm not sure how. I just do.

I have been rolling a lot of topics around in my brain lately. One thing I have been meaning to talk about is text etiquette, or textiquette. I had this elaborate post in mind, where I demonstrated how it would be if we talked to people in real life like we do in text, especially when you're in the middle of a conversation and someone just quits texting, like just walking away from a conversation in the middle of it. One of my pet peeves. It was hilarious. Trust me. (Or not so much...)

But really, that entry would have been more complainy than I am feeling. Because life is good right now. I mean, REALLY good. I love my job, even though there are days when I wonder why the heck I got into this profession. I have some amazing friends, and I'm making more of an effort to rid myself of my hermit ways and go out into the real world sometimes. My family totally rocks. They came down for my birthday, which was totally cool. Plus, my parents got me guitar lessons!

I had my first guitar lesson last night. I really like the place. They're all so friendly. I felt kinda dumb because I've had my guitar for so long, and forgot pretty much everything I learned when I first got it. Even how to tune! Plus I forgot all my music theory because I was nervous and out of my comfort zone. But it will be good. I am determined to get my fingers nice and calloused by next week, and have wicked good chord changes. The main problem is that my hand doesn't like to bend how it's supposed to, and my pinky is too short! I have baby pinkies. The rest of my fingers became adults, but not my pinkies. It's weird. I'm deformed.

My addiction to reading has become slightly problematic. I've already read 13 or so books this year, and people keep telling me about more books I need to read, plus I keep getting coupons for specials on books. Yesterday I got home and had two boxes of books waiting for me.'s a problem...but I LOVE it.

So many things to look forward to! This weekend I get to go see some of my favorite people in the world up in the Twin Cities. In three weeks I am leaving for Arkansas to spend a week at Heifer International Ranch with my family and my grandparents. I'm hoping to work on my book more, though my reading addiction has slowed me down on that. And something super exciting is happening TODAY but I can't tell anyone because it's a SECRET.

So life is good. I have been feeling great since turning 27. I think it's going to be one of the best years yet. Looking forward to what is coming!

(There, Nik, I blogged! Happy???)


  1. I am bossy. :-) I am happy. And I loved you.

    Okay, now to read the rest. For some reason, I read the first and last sentences only... brb.

    (Y)our brain IS an undiscovered treasure trove of wonderfulness! And my life isn't that exciting either... if you haven't noticed.

    Hahahaha. If I talked to you like I talked to you via text, I'd say things like "Dr. Looney wants to meet for coffee or..." and just like, stop talking mid sentence and you'd look at me like I was an imbecile. Pretty sure.

    I am SO excited that you're learning top lay gui tar!! I don't know where there is a spece there. Wow. Let me try again. I don't know WHY there is a SPACE there. Oy vey. I'm bad at this typing thing. Who let me near the keyboard, anyway?

    My hand hates playing guitar, too, and my fingers are way too short as well. But, I can play camp songs really well, because they're usually C D E A G chords and nothing super difficult to form! Whoop whoop!

    Have you ever read Gone with the Wind?

    Love you.

  2. I did read this when you first posted it, and just now realized in re-reading it that I never commented and therefore you would not know that I read it. So I just wanted to let you know that I did read it, twice. :)

  3. Hopefully I will be able to give you new reading material if I have internet access on my vacation. It's time for another post probably ;)

    Nik, your comments always make me giggle! No, I haven't read Gone With the Wind. It seems hard...