Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sleep = Happiness

Last week was a vacation week, and honestly, I spent most of the week sleeping. To be fair (to myself), I got sick Monday afternoon and was feeling the effects for several days. That's my excuse. Seriously though, I would sleep anywhere from ten to twelve hours, be awake for maybe twelve hours, and fall back into for another 10-12 hours. It. Was. Awesome. Don't worry, my mom made sure I was fully productive the first half of vacation, so I felt little guilt over my Sleeping Beauty routine.

So I didn't just blog because I wanted to tell everyone how lazy I was last week, though I'm not ashamed of it. I am more refreshed than I have been in...well...I honestly don't know the last time I was this refreshed! Usually when I take vacations it's to go somewhere. The last vacation I took was Thanksgiving, but was only three days off work, and I traveled to Minnesota, and the one before that was my cruise last January. If anyone has been on a cruise, you know that there is way too much to do to spend much time getting refreshed (though the beach day was pretty awesome). I need to take a week off and shut myself in my apartment at least once a month. ;)

I keep getting off track. The real reason I wanted to blog today was because in all my sleep last week, I didn't have a single really interesting dream, and that made me sad. If you've been in my crazy world for very long, you know that I have some of the strangest dreams ever, and I love them. I very rarely have nightmares, and usually my dreams are so ridiculous that I just wake up and smile when I think about them. I don't know if my lack of dreaming was because I was sick, but I didn't like it. Dreams make the night seem longer, I think, rather than going to sleep and waking up as if no time has passed at all. And I'm a big fan of making sure my night is stretched out (except last night I really couldn't sleep and that was annoying). That's why I set my alarm for much earlier than I have to get up...I love that feeling of looking at the clock and realizing I have more time to sleep. Even when I get to sleep in on weekends and don't have to get up, I like to lay in bed for a while after I'm awake and just enjoy the feeling. It's lovely.

ANYWAY. I had some very random dreams last night that were too complicated to turn in to a facebook status. The funny part was that for one of them I was aware I was dreaming, and was trying to figure out how to explain the dream. As much as I love my dreams, this had to be the most tedious, boring dream ever. Seriously. Want to know what I was doing? Of course you do. You don't have a choice. Well, yes you do. You could quit reading. Go on. Get out of here. Still reading? Good. You must really like me ;) In my dream I had apparently broken my leg/ankle. It was the same one I broke in college, and I had to wear this combination of the moon boot I wore for that break and the giant knee brace I wore in middle school to try to correct my "floating kneecap." It was a big complication of loops and buckles, and I was trying to wear my snow boots. So I put the boots on, then the brace. Then I took them off because it wasn't right, and put it back on. Then my boot suddenly was off, so I had to do it again. And on it went. I kept putting it on and taking it off. And my family was waiting for me at Olive Garden but it took me like an hour and a half to figure it out. That was my dream. Totally lame. And now I've wasted your time telling you, just like I wasted my dream space by having that dream.

I also had a dream that I was making EZ Mac with my sister, but I added cheddar cheese and not the cheese packets. And then I was on a bus with a bunch of people I went to middle school with. Totally random. And those are the ones I like.

I have no good way to end this. It's Wednesday and that's happy.

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  1. I haven't had any really good dreams in quite a while, either. Hmm. That's kind of a sad realization.

    Ah, the broken ankle. Good (not) times.

    I wish I could sleep for 10 hours. Or 5. That'd be sweet too.

    Vacations are never refreshing, from what I've experienced. Fun. Refreshing (sleepwise, anyway)? No.