Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I Love

I love commercials for experimental medications. I love how they tell you that there is a chance you might die if you take it, but if you don't die then, you might die if you stop taking it. I love how they use a soothing voice to talk about all the horrific things that can happen. "You might have explosive diarrhea every two hours for the rest of your life, your nose may bleed uncontrollably and unpredictably, and you will probably die a very painful death, but it's okay because my voice is calm and gentle, and instills you with a sense of security." Yup, I love those commercials.

I love Facebook. I love that we have found a way to share every bit of mundane information about our lives. Earlier today, I was able to upload a picture of Skittles. And the other day, I was able to share the very important information about poking myself in the head with my keys. I love the fact that I am so connected to Facebook that as soon as I publish this blog, it will be automatically posted to my profile. I love that when I'm on a trip, taking pictures, I am constantly captioning them in my head as I go. I love how people say whatever they want on Facebook. Whether it's sharing information that would (should) never come up in normal conversation or trying to start fights, anything goes. Yup, I love Facebook.

I love cell phones. I love that my phone plays music, surfs the internet, tells me when I have email, sends messages to people, posts to Facebook, carries my calendar and calculator, tells me what movies are playing nearby, shows me maps of how to get wherever I want, allows me to play many different games, and is small enough to fit in my pocket. I sometimes wish my phone was better at making phone calls, but I love it anyway. That's right, I love cell phones.

There are many other things I love, but I'm bored for now.


  1. I love that you got bored loving on things. Haha.

    But seriously, you're right on all accounts. But the medication commercial anecdote really made me chortle.


  2. I love Rena. And Skittles. Though I rarely eat them because they make my jaw hurt. And I saw a poster at the dentist's office that showed the acidity levels of different fruity/sour candies, and Skittles was not a good one. Wow, that's a tangent.