Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm a big kid now

Most of you who read this probably know by now that I recently started a new job. If you know me well (or at all, really) you will know that I am so super excited for this job, and have been wanting to do it for ages. I am now the school-based therapist at an elementary school in Des Moines. I get to work with tiny humans again! I haven't really worked with younger kids since my days as an after school teacher, which was probably my favorite job ever. I'm not sure what it is about kids that draws me in. They just see the world in a completely different way. I love it.

So far in my professional career, I have continued to live the schedule of a college student. Because I worked evenings, I didn't need to get up early in the morning. My attempts periodically to train myself to get up early and work out or run errands failed miserably. Mostly I just slept until 9 or so. Then, of course, I would stay up late. It was rare for me to go to bed before midnight. My meal schedule was all screwed up. I was constantly mobile for the job, going to this meeting or that, driving to various client houses. In some ways this was good, as it kept things from getting too boring. However, it just added to the feel of continuing my college life. Not that I'm bagging on my job for the past two years. I was blessed to gain that position, and I have learned so much from my time on that team.

However, it's amazing how different I already feel. Well, mostly I feel tired. Haha. Now I get up early every day. My alarm goes off before six every morning. (I'm a huge fan of the snooze button.) But I'm also home by 4 or 4:30 every day. All my work happens during the day. I have my own office. I'm dealing with things like billing and insurance. I feel like an adult. It's weird. I mean, I've been a professional therapist for two years, and I really feel like one for the first time. I am the therapist for my school. It's crazy. In fact, I think I've gone a bit too far the other way. I'm now usually ready for lunch by 10 or 11, supper by 4, and bed by 7 or 8. Not that I give in to these urges...except yesterday, when I ate my lunch at 10. That was a looong afternoon, I'll tell you what!

I'm not sure what the point of this post is, other than to announce that I officially get to be an adult now. Because I have a job where I get to play with toys all day.


  1. I'm so happy for you, I think you will be great at your new job!!

    "I officially get to be an adult now. Because I have a job where I get to play with toys all day." <--love that.

  2. I have a job where I play with toys all day too! It's like we're meant to share a brain!

    Anyway, I'm happy for you in getting this job! I hope you fall in love with it, and the tiny humans, of course. I think you're going to be great at it, despite having to get up before the sun does, all winter long.