Friday, October 16, 2009

Take me to your leader

Sometimes when I'm going somewhere or doing something (I know, descriptive, right?), I like to think how people from another time in history or even another planet might react to the way we live. Okay, okay, I know. My brain is a swirling vortex of strangeness. But this is even more in my mind lately because I just read a book where people from a primitive culture are transported to a time of high technology and see cars and lights and TVs and everything for the first time. (I like those sorts of books, go ahead, call me a geek, my 2 year old niece does.) I wonder what people would say about a "magic box" you could put food in cold and take it out hot. Or one that you can put hot food in and it comes out frozen. They'd probably think we were super lazy, with all the things we do to save time. I wonder what they'd think of little people running behind glass screens. Or even tinier people singing from boxes. Tonight I was at the mall, and I also had to think what they would think of stores. For example, the plastic people standing around in weird clothes. Worse, the headless orange mannequins. And the very worst thing I saw tonight: jean-clad legs hanging from the ceiling. Yes, I know, appalling, right?

Today was my lil Allie's 2nd birthday. Lots of fun. I spent the morning dealing with car issues and working. I was at the garage at 7:30 in the morning and saw several people go through. One guy creeped me out. I was just sitting there, reading my book and kinda watching the Today show, and he came in and sat at the end of the waiting area, where he could kinda see the TV. There was an older gentleman there for a while sitting on the side facing the TV with me. The older guy left, and the creeper got up and got hot chocolate. Then, instead of going back to his seat, he sat directly across from me, where he couldn't see the TV (because it was next to him facing the same way) and stared at me. For a long time. It was so creepy. I kept my eyes glued to my book and tried to pick my nose a few times for good measure. Ugh.

I went with my sis and fam to celebrate Allie's birthday. We ate at the Pizza Hut at Target, which sounds strange, but was actually perfect for Allie because she loves it and loves "peetha." So cute. Then we went to Build-A-Bear for Allie's first experience. It was pretty cute. There was a party going on, and I have to say, anyone who takes responsibility for 10 8 year olds in that store should be nominated for sainthood. We were on our way out, and there was this mom looking around and she caught sight of a tiny wheelchair for the bears. Her comment? "Oh look, a wheelchair! That's hilarious!" Right lady. Freaking hilarious. Seriously. I suppose it made a little sense in the context, but can you imagine if someone said that anyplace else? Pretty sure there's something very not politically correct about that ;)

I had a dream the other night that I was eating Thanksgiving dinner here in Ankeny and then I realized that I was supposed to pick Angie up at the airport in Minneapolis at 12 and I hadn't left yet and Sandra wasn't here yet to ride with me. It was very stressful. Note to self: Go to Minneapolis the day before Thanksgiving. There, that should cover it.

My head is resting on my shoulder. I think that means my neck has ceased to function. I'm a little tired. I told Phyllis I was going to bed almost an hour ago. Whoops. Guess I should get on that. I have to drive tomorrow morning. Gotta go to my brother's. My mom is there and I need her to fix my bridesmaid dresses, because I don't sew. I fail at being a housewife. Which is okay because I'm not married. I had a dream I got there and had forgotten the dresses, so I opened my closet door and hung them on it. There is no way to get past without seeing them. Only the first part of that was the dream. The second part I really did. Just for clarification. (I know how you get confused, Phyllis!)

I'm not going to say what I'll talk about next time, because clearly this post wasn't about commonly used phrases, just like the last one wasn't about pants. I have these ideas and then...ker-splunk. They disappear. Yes, ker-splunk is a disappearing noise. For tonight anyway.


  1. Okay. . .so I think I am going to challenge you to work on taking one random thought and seeing it through to completion. Maybe it's cause you were tired and shouldn't have been up writing a blog so late at night, but you seemed especially random this evening. Have fun in CF tomorrow.

  2. Andrea. Check the name of the blog.

  3. I read the name of the blog and I don't want you to abandon the randomness of your life but there comes a point when the outside world cannot keep up with your randomness and I am simply suggesting for the sake of your reads to try and complete one random thought before moving on to the next :)