Thursday, October 29, 2009

A bit of a rant

Okay, so this will be a fairly short entry, I think. But it should satisfy those complainers who say I don't update enough, as well as my need to spew about stupid people.

I was the gym this morning, truckin along on the treadmill, and I was watching MTV Cribs. I don't typically watch the show, because it annoys me, but there wasn't much else on. I am just blown away by how greedy and prideful people are because they have money. The attitude of "I have money, so I need to have all sorts of extravagant things and I deserve special treatment" seems to be a common theme. First, I got to take a peek at Danny Bonaduce's place. He was so proud of his gym, especially his sauna, which he said was good for hangovers. Way to promote drinking on MTV, buddy. Not that it isn't already. And he didn't just mention it once. Plus, he pointed out how his punching bag was positioned so that if his girlfriend is on the treadmill, he can swing it and take her out. Nice. Need to get me a man like that. Hubba hubba. Vomit. The kitchen was awesome. Contents of the fridge? Muscle milk and champagne. His explanation? He drinks the muscle milk to win fights and then deserves the champagne after. He bragged about having 12 plasma screen tvs, and spiced up his tour by making all sorts of sexual innuendos. Real classy guy, that one.

I don't remember the names of the other two I saw, but the last one wasn't any better than ol Danny-boy. He had to show off his stripper pole in his bedroom, and gave the tour in terms of what he uses on "dates." Idiot. Plus, he had about a million cars. Because we all need that many. And he said something along the lines of, if you have the money to buy a car like this, you gotta have a chauffer, because you deserve it. Yeah. Right. Because money means you deserve more. I hate that attitude. It drives me crazier than anything else.

I did appreciate the guy in the middle. He is a snowboarder. He was super respectful, and really just showed off his place in a way that showed he was proud, but not prideful. He was appreciative. He included his daughter and wife, and talked about how awesome they were. And guess what. He and his wife share a car. No joke. How many people do that these days? Of course he had some extravagances, but it wasn't over the top, and I really think his attitude made all the difference. And he had a wooly in a person dressed as a wooly mammoth to entertain his daughter. That was actually pretty amusing.

So this whole thing bugs me so much because there are so many people struggling out there, and these people are like, dude, I'm so awesome, I deserve what I have, no I don't need to share because no one else deserves what I have, blah blah blah. Idiots. I work with people every day who are struggling to get by, and they work 10 times as hard as any of those people living it up with their plasma screens and jacuzzis and stripper poles. They are supporting spouses and kids and extended family and beyond.

I could probably say a lot more on the subject, but I'm all ranted out for now, and I have to go to work. 10 hour day, woohoo!!!

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