Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I've done it again. I have packed my life to bursting with things to do, people to see, jobs to accomplish. It seems like everything always seems to line up to happen at the same time. My busiest times at my day job line up with the time I have agreed to teach a class, those people I haven't spoken to in months come out of the woodwork and want to get together, another women's Bible/book study at church starts up... So I end up behind at work, procrastinating working on my class nonstop the rest of the time, sneaking in socializing when I should be working, and neglecting my women's group duties. (Thankfully I have an understanding partner in the women's group leading!) As the paperwork piles up, the extra meetings and letters and phone calls suck up my time, the weeks of class keep starts to get a bit overwhelming...

A couple of weeks ago, I had had enough. I was on the edge of a mental breakdown. So Tuesday after work I drove to the movie theater for their super bargain matinees. Cheap movie, cheap popcorn and pop.

And it was the best decision I could have made for myself.

I wrestled with myself over it, knowing that I should be going home and grading papers or staying late at work to catch up on paperwork, but I can't even describe how many millions of times better I felt after allowing myself to escape for a couple of hours. Yes, I had to return to reality, but it was with a lighter heart and more energy than I had before the break.

Thus, Cinema Tuesdays were born. It's only been a few weeks, but I love it. It doesn't matter what I see. Allowing myself those couple of hours in a dark theater has helped me to calm my anxieties, and sometimes get out those emotions I don't have time to deal with. (The first week, I bawled during one of the was very cathartic!)

My apartment is still a pit. My car looks like a hobo lives in it. I eat out way more than I should. But I only have one week of class left. Then I can shovel out my apartment, declutter my living space and my car, go to the store and actually start cooking again, and, best of all, start writing again! I have a lot of catching up at work to do as well. But I'll get there. I found my escape. Have you found yours?

Laugh on :)

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